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Listing #: N201712001


GT-R NISMO, it was born to purely delight the performance and driving pleasure on the racetrack!
The mileage is 53km!

Asking Price

NZ$ 299,500

Key Details 

Odometer 53km
Body White pearl, Coupe
Engine Size 3,799cc, 441kw(600ps)
Transmission 6-DCT(6-speed dual-clutch transmission) with Paddle Shift Controls
Fuel Type Petrol
Manufacture Year 2017
New Zealand New Yes


Fuel economy info

Annual fuel cost of $3,300
Fuel economy is 11.8L per 100km.

Safety rating

Cost to insure


About a transcription symbol of the vehicle exterior state.

The kind of bruises is an English letter, and the state of the bruise is a number, and these combination is indicated, and is indicated in the development.
※A number next to the tire is left and indicates a ditch.

Kind of flaw
  • Line wound

  • Dent

  • Dent with a flaw

  • Peeling faded paint

  • Repair the mark

  • Rust

  • Corrosion

  • Flaws in terms of front glass

  • Cracking Torn, etc.

  • It has been replaced

State of scratches
  • About minimum

  • Small degree

  • Medium degree

  • Large degree

For Example
= (Line wound) + (About minimum)

※The state by which the kinds of bruises are "line bruise" and a bruise is indicating "the minimal degree".



GT-R NISMO, it was born to purely delight the performance and driving pleasure on the racetrack!


NISMO-tuned 600-hp, 3.8-liter, high-capacity twin-turbocharged V6 engine
NISMO aerodynamic body design – carbon-fiber front and rear fascias, side sills, and rear spoiler
NISMO-tuned suspension
NISMO black super-lightweight RAYS® forged-alloy wheels



NISMO Special Implementation


Super rigid body by spot welding plus structural adhesive.

Aerodynamic Body

Let the design speak for itself – carbon-fiber front and rear fascias reduce weight, while the rear spoiler increases downforce.

An aerodynamic characteristic body that generates downforce of standard GT-R plus 100 kg at 300 km / h.

Carbon-fiber trunk lid

A carbon-fiber trunk lid adds stiffness, while weighing nearly half as much as a standard trunk lid. Its smooth surface has been painted so you won’t see a difference, but since lighter equals faster, you’ll feel it on the track. Top it with the dry carbon-fiber spoiler for mighty downforce, and increased stability.



NISMO black 20″ super-lightweight RAYS® forged-alloy wheels

For once, you won’t want to give them the slip. 20″ super-lightweight forged-alloy wheels have knurled beads that help keep tires from slipping around the wheels under hard acceleration. 


Special tire, High rigidity hub bolt, Specail upper link, Special spring and damper, Special hollow stabilizer



Turbocharged Engine
GT-R NISMO has ultimate performance and passing power with a 600-hp 3.8-liter, high-output, twin-turbocharged V6 engine that will get the driver as revved up as the engine.

Turbocharger used for NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT 3 race car.



NISMO Recaro® leather-appointed front seats with red suede synthetic inserts.

Race-inspired seats bolster the torso, back, and thighs to help keep you firmly in place through even the most intense g-force-generating curves. Signature NISMO black gets teamed up with sporty red for an interior that screams ‘fast’.

NISMO tachometer

A NISMO tradition, the GT-R NISMO proudly wears a unique red face.



<Standard GT-R’ features>

Nissan GT-R’s Premium Midship Platform places the engine farther back in the chassis for better handling. This unique layout also mounts the transmission with the transfer case in the rear of the Nissan GT-R, creating the world’s first independent rear transaxle for an All-Wheel Drive vehicle.

R35 GT-R’s feature is the minute handcrafted engine by a master craftsman.
Those engine is a precise and firm work of art.

Enjoy the Super car!



Carbon backsheet with leather and Alcantara (NISMO Recaro®)
Steering Wheel with Alcantara
NISMO original meter


Same at the standard GT-R


Aerodynamics parts by carbon
20 inch super-lightweight RAYS® forged-alloy wheels


NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT 3 Turbocharger
Bonding body by Structural adhesive
NISMO suspension setting

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