FUJIKAWA CAR SHOP What are you looking for? Used cars for sale in New Zealand. Helping you to choose the right vehicle with confidence from a Japan Registered Motor Vehicle Trader.

The Japanese used cars by FUJIKAWA Trading

Look for Sales Agency of Japanese used Cars in the Region


We are a shop of Japanese used Vehicles Sales based in Japan.


*The potential users of our vehicles are
1 Have interesting to Japanese product and culture
2 Want the good balance vehicles between quality and price
3 The Vehicles with confident to use
4 Long life Vehicles


*Our Product

Japanese used Cars
We get the released cars when customers renew a car in the car dealer, and so the cars is a fresh one.
The cars is served in car dealer about oil change, belt check etc.
It is equivalent quality to buy in Japan.


*Business Trade Country / Area

Supplier country – Japan.
Our Target customer country – New Zealand, Australia, Mongol, Other Countrys.


*Partner Qualifications

We welcome individual or company who has the potential clients that are keen in using a Japanese vehicles in their promises.


*Partner Tasks/Duties

Agent 1st need to have a license of Motor Vehicle Sales standard rule on etch country.
Please appeared the vehicles with our URL on the web shop of each country. 
Arrange about Entry certification, Certificate of registration and License label etc.
Delivery to customer.


*Contract type

Agency Agreement


*Bank References



Please contact us for more details.

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